Christina Karst

I'm Christina Karst. I'm the founder of Six Hundred King. I think Jax Kicks Ass and I'm not yo mama's photographer. I'm also a fan of the girl boss movement, which is why I work so damn hard to be a full time photographer, full time mama, and full time business owner. This space has been my dream for years, and I'm thrilled to have you here. This space is all about inspiring creatives everywhere to host and plan and shoot and dream up the best possible events. So let's get started. And lets definitely go get a margarita at Burrito Gallery together. Because I like new friends and I definitely like margaritas.


Thomas Karst

Thomas may be my husband, but he's also the designer and craftsman behind Six Hundred king. He's worked hard to help create the clean, refined, industrial look we love so much and he did so with (minimal) complaints, all while owning. managing, and creating for his own business, Aether Designs. He's a dreamboat. Nuff said. 


Sam karst

We'll keep this short and sweet. He's the reason we do all of this.